About us

About Us:


Derived from a multiple word etymology that spans the Sanskrit word "Aerth" or 'Deep Meaning', phonetically congruent to the word "Earth" - our home and the cradle of origin of all life forms and last but not the least, the historical treatise of "Arthashastra" which in its crux, enables an induction of practicality of different forms of exchanges, to reach an equilibrium that serves a higher purpose. 


In its exploration of the dimensions of social welfare and collective change-making at a societal level, the texts of Arthashastra place at their heart, the ethics holding the society together, making Arthashastra to be known as the science of wealth and happiness. Tangential to this propoundance, lies our core belief at Aerthly: A notion that true happiness comes from finding a balance between the Body, the Mind and the Earth.


Welcome to Aerthly: The Home of Happy Products.


As a market place and a one-stop platform that connects consumers and merchants through products that accessible, affordable, reliable, responsible, and sustainable: making them HAPPY products for the merchants, our customers, us and of course, our planet. 


Each of our products at Aerthly are meant to educate, inspire and enable all those who encounter us, to live a more mindfully conscious life. Thus, in simple words, Aerthly is our effort in bridging the gap between the AWARE consumer and a conscious merchant.


Through our platform, we intend to bring together a holistic assemblage of lifestyle products that are not only natural and organic, but also give our providers and customers a chance to actually make a successful contribution towards making a difference. This is why all our merchant-partners are those who are working tirelessly towards bringing about a change in the environment and lives of consumers by selling natural and organic products.


Everything we do here at Aerthly, centres around our belief that a happy person is a healthy person. It is, as an extension of this, that we encourage and support our customers and patrons in their journey to happiness by empowering them and equipping them with reliable resources and tools to live a holistic, happy lifestyle: through information, interactions, products and much more!

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