About us

About Us:


Aerthly sprouts from Sanskrit word "Aerth" which is "deep meaning", and

at the same time rhyming with Earth where life originates, and "Arth-shastra"

which induces practicality of exchange to reach this higher purpose of

Equilibrium. The Arthashastra explores issues of social welfare and social change-making. The collective ethics holds the society together, and it is popularly known as the science of wealth and happiness.  At Aerthly we believe that true happiness comes from finding a balance between Body, Mind, and Earth. We are a one-stop platform that connects its consumer and merchant to buy and sell "Happy Products". 


Aerthly is a Market Place to buy & sell “Happy Products”. We are guiding the way for the consumers by educating, and inspiring them to choose sustainable and holistic lifestyle products. We are onboarding merchants who are working towards bringing about a change in the environment and lives of consumers by selling natural and organic products. We at Aerthly, bridge the gap between Aware Consumer, and Conscious Merchant. We aspire to bring about a lifestyle change that can make our consumer and merchants Happy.  


We are determined to make being "Happy" accessible, affordable, reliable, responsible, and sustainable. We are changing the paradigm of happiness. A Happy person is a Healthy person and also to encourage and support people in their journey to happiness by empowering them and equipping them with a reliable source and tools to live a holistic, happy lifestyle.