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  • #Health-tip
    How To Equip Yourself For The “Corona Era”

  • #bepositive
    If you want to take on big problems, try thinking like a bee
    Honey bees can show us the power to be found in thinking small, says beekeeper Marianne Gee.
    Watch this video to get some insights

  • Be Fit & Healthy
    #immunity #healthy #organic
    In current Pandemic situation, consuming Honey on daily basis can be a good option. Go for organic honey which has many health benefits.Few of them are mentioned in the picture.

    It is always good to check with your doctor before including in your your daily routine.

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  • Beautiful Story written By Shivdasini Amin

    A lesson for the soul
    Sitting at the round table, souls chose their next lesson. Then a bold and strong soul stood up:
    “This time I’m going to Earth to learn how to forgive.” Who will help me with this?
    Souls spoke with sympathy and even a little startled fear:
    – This is one of the most dif…Read More

  • #Gratitude
    As said by Master Gaur Gopal Das in his book Life’s Amazing Secrets – we must learn how to to press pause and reflecton what we are grateful for. If you do not press pause, we won’t be able to imagine how many beautiful moments of a life are we missing !!
    He also mentions that the best way to start practicing gratitude is to…Read More

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  • #laughter
    A good laugh helps to let go !!

  • #Vegan
    A baby step towards Veganism is preparing yourself for this journey!!

    It is a good idea to do some research before you decide to follow a plant-based lifestyle. On this journey, you will realize that the vegan food pyramid is completely different from the conventional food pyramid.

    Therefore, it is important to know what is…Read More

  • #self_love
    In these odd time it is important to take care of your emotional health… Sharing a post on how to encash happiness

  • #health_benefits
    The power of pure ghee and how we can use it as a natural medicine for many conditions and our main cooking medium in place of all these refined oils, that are causing heart health and inflammatory problems across the country. Learn about the multiple health benefits Ghee has to offer, from weight loss, to gut health, to bones,…Read More

  • #Future_Food. BBC Reel presents ideas on Future of Soulful food

  • #Decisions. Guide to make better decisions

  • #Grow_happiness
    A clever merchant from Baghdad entered the Mullah’s shop, which was putting essence jars on the shelves …

    Marveling at the beauty of the place, he asked:

    Sir, what is sold here?
    And the Mullah replied: “The gifts of God”

    The merchant was surprised with the answer, and asked:

    -And how much do they cost?…Read More

  • #Quote Don’t worry about outside world, settle inside storms first

  • Laughter helps, even fake

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  • #Positivity : Allllll is well ! 2020 has been a roller coaster ride for all of us… Maybe for some it is most toughest time but we all have to surf through this time … I believe to remain sane and positive while playing 2020. We need to keep ourselves motivated by saying All is well!! to our mind and heart from time to time. I heard about this…Read More

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  • #God

    A collage student asks Sadhguru

    Lucky we have Sadhguru in our lifetime. Spirituality beats Religion. Stop looking Up for answers – Turn Inward

    Posted by Sadhguru TV on Monday, June 29, 2020

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  • #Gurupurnima day to express your gratitude towards your guru and source of creation . Sharing post written by Sadhguru explaining importance of Guru Purnima

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